1 What is CACICOL®?

CACICOL® is an ophthalmic solution used to promote corneal tissue repair.

CACICOL® belongs to the ReGeneraTing Agent (RGTA®) family that enhances both the speed and quality of tissue healing.

CACICOL® triggers the regeneration of damaged tissues for enhanced healing and makes it possible to delay or avoid a more invasive surgical procedure.

CACICOL® is an easy and ready-to-use solution.

2 When do I use CACICOL®?

3 How does it work?

4 What is the dosage regimen?

5 How to use Cacicol®?

6 How long do I have to use Cacicol®?

7 If I have another treatment to instill?

8 What is the dosage regimen?

9 If I have to instill much more drops than indicated in the leaflet?

10 Can I reuse a Single Dose of CACICOL® that I did not finish?