What is the cornea ?

Why is it so important to treat diseases of cornea ?

  • The cornea plays a major role in sight. A healthy cornea is essential for good vision.
  • The cornea is also the eye's first line of defence against external aggression.
  • The cornea PROTECTS the eye against bacteria, dust and other foreign bodies.

Diseases and disorders that affect the cornea

What happens when the cornea is injured ?

  • Superficial corneal damage can be repaired by the eye's in-built healing mechanisms before infection develops.
  • When the damage is deeper, the healing process takes much longer.

It is important to see an ophthalmologist quickly.
COMPLIANCE with the treatment prescribed is ESSENTIAL for a successful outcome.

Persistent epithelial defects, healing defects, keratitis or neurotrophic ulcers......
What are they?

These are serious conditions which require diagnosis and treatment by an ophthalmologist specialising in, for example:

  • Persistent epithelial defects: Very slow healing of corneal wounds or failure to heal with standard treatments, sometimes with recurrence of the impairment.
  • Neurotrophic or recurrent keratitis or ulcers: Major healing difficulties caused by loss of corneal sensitivity potentially resulting in corneal perforation.

When local treatments fail, these conditions often require major surgery, a graft or long-term treatment.

CACICOL® is intended for the management of chronic corneal wound healing, such as persistent epithelial defects and persistent corneal dystrophies with associated pain.