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    The Matrix therapy

    restructures and protects the corneal tissue

CACICOL® , RGTA (REGENERATING AGENTS) is a new alternative in a clinical context of chronic corneal disorders such as persistent epithelial defects and neurotrophic ulcers.

The RGTA-based technology in CACICOL® , also named MATRIX THERAPY , introduces a new therapeutic approach which aims at preserving the extracellular matrix, i.e. the cell environment.

RGTA® replaces and mimics endogenous GlycosAminoGlycans (GAGs), such as heparan sulfate, that have been degraded by enzymes. Their binding to matrix proteins (collagen, elastin, fibronectin,..) results in a mechanical protection against degradation. Restoration of extracellular matrix scaffolding properties is then induced, and so is the communication between cells.

These effects allow the re-creation of a suitable micro-environment for cells to respond properly to the cascade of signals needed for the normal tissue regeneration process to take place.

CACICOL® (Poly (carboxymethylglucose sulfate) promotes a clear improvement of corneal healing, objectivised by a decrease in the ulcerated ocular surface or complete tissue regeneration.

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Mode of action of CACICOL®